29 May 2018



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02 March 2018

The Logistics Cluster has set the goal of training 300 logisticians in South Sudan by the end of the year.

Humanitarian Logistics in South Sudan

Moving forward into 2018, the Logistics Cluster is supporting the humanitarian community by providing two-day training sessions for national staff focusing on the fundamentals of logistics in South Sudan’s operational environment. With the support of IOM, the first training of this year was conducted 27 to 28 February in Juba for 24 participants from 15 organisations. During the two days, participants learned how to measure and weigh items with professional accuracy, and received hands-on training in inventory and warehouse management from the... READ MORE

02 March 2018

Le Cluster Logistique gère et contribue à plusieurs formations visant à développer la réponse logistique de la communauté humanitaire, en effet la formation est une des activités prévues dans le cadre de la Stratégie 2016-2018.
En RDC, le Cluster Logistique organise des sessions de renforcement des capacités cartographiques et de gestion de l’information en réponse aux besoins exprimés par ses partenaires.

Dans le but de soutenir les différentes actions humanitaires de ses partenaires à travers différentes provinces, le Cluster Logistique en RDC a formé, en 2017, 183 personnes issues de 92 organisations, dont 31 femmes avec un taux de satisfaction de 86 pourcent. Ces sessions de formation ont permis de renforcer les capacités d’... READ MORE

15 February 2018

Humanitarian Cargo Transportation in South Sudan

Diko Amariah Khor is the Business Support Assistant for the Logistics Cluster based in Rumbek, South Sudan.

What exactly do you do and how long have you been doing it?

I assist in logistics operations in the field. This involves supporting the movement of relief cargo, belonging to several humanitarian organisations, to the warehouse and then from the warehouse to the airport for dispatch to final destinations. I have been doing this for the last eight months since I joined the WFP-led Logistics Cluster.

What have you been doing recently? What’s planned next?

09 February 2018

Humanitarian Logistics in Nigeria

Aboard a helicopter operated by UNHAS, colleagues of the humanitarian community travelled from Maiduguri, the main humanitarian response hub, to Damasak. A combination of poor road conditions and insecurity in this part of Nigeria makes it difficult to reach by other means.

The one-day mission – which also focused on the ongoing common storage site preparation – included representatives from the International Humanitarian Partnership/Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (IHP/MSB), the Emergency Telecommunications Sector (ETS), the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) and the Logistics Sector. The mission was led by IHP/MSB who is responsible for some of the key functions in the overall Humanitarian... READ MORE